Curtains shops in singapore

- Oct 7, 2014.

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Curtains shops are not difficult to find these days and ready-made day curtains are readily available in the market. However, choosing the right curtains and blinds or motorized blinds and curtains can be challenging. When chosen wrongly, they can cause a space to become overwhelming. Below are some advices you cannot find in curtain shops on the type of fabrics and the length of curtains and blinds that will accentuate the beauty of your home. Firstly, it is important to identify the right mood that you want to create for your home then choose the type of curtains and blinds you want. Secondly, you have to know what are the available curtains or blinds in curtain shops. Lastly, choosing the correct length of curtains is also important.


Generally, the types of curtains available in curtain shops are solid, patterned, sheer and blackout. Choose solid curtains if your walls already have patterns so there is a balance. On the other hand, bright solid curtains can be statement pieces. It is only right to introduce these statement pieces if your ambience is not formal or elegant. On the contrary, pick dark colour curtains if you want them to blend in with your room decorations. If you walls are painted in solid colours, patterned curtains can be of great choice to bring more vibrancy to the room. Do not be afraid to even use the boldest pattern as it will look amazing against the existing solid-coloured walls. To create a modern atmosphere, try curtains that have chevron, stripes or geometric shapes. Whereas curtains with arabesque, medallions or trellises pattern creates a more elegant and traditional atmosphere. Lastly, curtains with small prints like dots and floral can add a subtle touch to your room.


Sheer curtains are best for the minimalist. It allows you to see what is on the outside and at the same time, gives you privacy. They best suit modern and light-colour interiors. On the other hand, choose blackout curtains for ultimate privacy and also, a good coverage from light.

Select blackout curtains made of silk for a royal touch. As mentioned, the length of curtains and blinds can create different moods as well. Typically, there are valances, swags and scarves. Valances are short pieces of cloth covering just the top part of the window which are commonly placed over kitchen sinks. It is best to cover drapery rods. It is normally used to create a more country and romantic touch. On the other hand, swags are fabrics that drapes across windows with two longer sides at the end. They suit Victorian decor perfectly. Lastly, scarves are wrapped loosely around a rod. Usually, scarves use fabrics that are lightweight so as to create a more romantic mood. They are different ways to hold your curtains. You can create tent flaps, tiebacks, overlaps or hourglass. The most common way is the tiebacks with tassels. Also, there are different ways to install your curtains: rod-pocket, pleats, tab top and eyelets.


Touching on the length factor which curtains shops would seldom provide such advices, curtains that are just nice touching the floor or even hovering just half inch above can create a classic look. Best of all, there will not be any collection of fluff. On the other hand, a curtain that touches the floor creates a formal yet romantic atmosphere.