Curtains for Children Room

- Apr 4, 2014.

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Curtains would definitely be an essential addition to every room. It adds a touch of softness to the entire room; one of the elements to assure children of a safe environment. Below will be the more important two of the many considerations to take prior to selecting a set of curtains for your child’s room.

Types of Curtains
The selection of the type of curtain will be the very first step home-owners will face. Keeping in mind that not every room will suit a particular curtain as the selection of these day curtains are dependent on the amount of sunlight entering the room throughout the day.

You will also be surprised to find out that curtains do come in many different forms, from box pleated to tab top curtains. Do not worry if these sound foreign to you, there are many curtain shops in Singapore, simply head down to the nearest curtain shop to find out more about which best suits your room.

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However, day and night curtains still remain a widely popular choice among many home-owners. Although both set of curtains will allow the user privacy, they have got different uses. Unlike night curtains which prevent light from entering the room, day curtains are usually thinner and more translucent, allowing natural light to penetrate the room and at the same time allow privacy. Night curtains however, would be best fit for children’s room especially in the middle of the day when your child takes a nap. Draw down these night curtains and it will prevent light from outside to enter the room; perfect for an uninterrupted afternoon nap. Therefore when still in doubt, choose day and night curtains.

Colour of Curtains
The colour of the curtains play a crucial role as it will help set the overall tone of the room. Children’s room are usually colourful to reflect the liveliness of their nature. However, do note that there should be a balance of colours as too many colours or colours of the same tone can cause your child to be overstimulated.

If there are colourful prints on the existing wallpaper for your home or child’s room, avoid curtains with loud or striking colours and go for cool colours – green, blue, purple. On the contrary, if the wallpaper for your home is of a single colour, you can go for warm colours – pink or subtle shades of yellow or orange.

Stick to neutral colours if you are having a tough time deciding on which colour to choose for the curtains and you will never go wrong. Alternatively, make a trip down to either one of the many curtain shops in Singapore and request for the colour palette or schemes available for your favourite curtain. With the different types of curtains and the array of colours available, you will surely find a set of curtain that fits well into your child’s room.