Re Design Curtains


Re Design Curtains Service is a company which has experienced team, for a series of well-designed curtains and good quality product. We know that curtains, blinds, and wallpaper design are very important factor for a comfortable living environment.

Our friendly and professional consultants provide an amazing and matching concept for you to select your perfect materials and design selections.

Re Design Interior Curtains Service is renowned for its high quality products, competitive price, customers satisfactory through reliable services and on time delivery, being an established and leading aluminium roller blinds and curtain accessories manufacturer in Singapore.

Re Design Interior Curtains Service provides a wide range of items of curtains, blinds, wallpaper, window film, upholstery, laminate flooring and any soft furnishings. Which has been carefully made / selected to suit users of all ends. Mission of Re Design Interior Curtains Service is to become one of the top curtains service company in Singapore and also to provide a best service for our customer.