Meridian Curtains



Having window treatments is one of the most undervalued and overlooked decoration techniques. In fact, one may even go so far as to call it a secret as not many people are able to appreciate the window of decorating opportunities that the windows in your room can provide.

Meridian Curtains and Furnishings in Singapore offer a wide variety of inexpensive curtains and blinds, as well as wallpapers and carpets. Our window curtains and blinds come in a variety of colors, designs, and material. Regardless of what type of space you have, be it a board room or a bed room, we can help you find the perfect curtain sets, curtain designs, blinds, roller blinds, and wallpapers for you!

Meridian Curtains and Furnishings is the only company in Singapore that specializes in providing you with your desired window treatments. We offer window decorating solutions that match the existing look and feel of your room. Be it for your office space or personal space, we can help you find the right window fixture for you. Just choose among our wide variety of curtains, blinds, awnings, and film covers! For more information give us a call today and we can 100% fit all your requirement.