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Jia Xin Design Pte Ltd, together with its in-house professionals in decorating, tailoring & installation team aims to bring the finest range of Curtains, Blinds, Wallpaper, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring & Outdoor Decking to all commercial and residential building.

Our experienced professionals are delightful and ever ready to help clear doubts of window decoration or soft furnishings hence, provides the their best solutions and recommendations to best match and cater to every individual needs.

Besides Curtains, Blinds & Wallpaper, our company also provides other soft furnishing such as Solar Films, Carpets, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Outdoor Decking & Upholstery. We aims to strive our very best to fulfill every individual requirements and make every customer smile with satisfaction.

With more than 20 year experience in the interior furnishing we will and we can provide the best quality for your office and home. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion and quote.

Curtains Blinds Consultant : 9450 5886 | 9339 2431

24hrs hotline : 9450 5886 (We are always there for YOU)