Window Blinds

- Aug 7, 2012.

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Thinking of dressing up your windows blinds and create a new look for your home? Well, an option to consider besides the curtains is the venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are one of the many windows blinds available in the market for people to consider. They are easily maintained and installing them in the home is simple as well. Most importantly the windows blinds designs can suit any home decor and design as they come in various materials and width. Let’s see how the venetian blinds can benefit the home owners and complement the home. Nowadays, home owners are finding ways to save time in maintaining their beautiful houses and venetian blinds do not require special equipment to clean them. The window blinds are easily cleaned either with a damp cloth or a duster whenever it is required. No hassle and spending long periods of time to clean them.


The venetian blinds also give the flexibility in controlling the look and feel of your home. To create a bright ambience, the blades could be opened to the maximum thus allowing light to come into the room. For a homely and cosy feel, the blades could be easily closed with a turn of the knob that normally comes with the windows blinds to adjust the blades. With this flexibility, you could definitely control prying eyes looking into your home and enjoy the privacy that you want. Besides the easy maintenance and flexibility, the venetian blinds can be customized to suit the decor in the home. Be it retro, country or futuristically modern, the venetian blinds are available in different materials such as wood, PVC and aluminium to suit the theme.

Aluminium and roller blinds provide the option of having them in any colour that you desire while PVC ones provides a wide range of colour options however it is limited to the manufacturer’s stock. Wooden blades are recommended if you prefer the natural classic look. The width of the blades could also be varied, either narrow or large wide blades to suit your taste. There is also no need to worry that the windows blinds do not fit your windows as the blinds comes in different sizes and could be customized according to your requirements.


Lastly, venetian blinds are easy to install as they are easily available in DIY stores and instructions are provided with the purchase of the windows blinds. You will need some basic tools to help you install those windows blinds and follow the instructions closely. If you do not want to work up a sweat, there are always professionals from the curtains shops in Singapore to assist in your installation and so sit back and relax while your home is updated with a new look. Venetian blinds are an option that you should consider apart from the curtain when sprucing up your windows.