Roman Blinds

- Mar 4, 2016.

roman blinds 

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Are you looking for a set of curtains and blinds to land that extra oomph to your new home? Or perhaps, you might be on the searching for window blinds that can give your window space that additional touch of sophistication?

Well, look no further – roman blinds are your answer.

Known for their remarkable versatility and ageless aesthetic, roman blinds are suitable for not only households, but also commercial settings as well. Have you always felt that a particular window in your home seemed painfully bare? Do you need something to complement that new wardrobe or laminate flooring? Or perhaps you need a set of curtains and blinds to match your newest wallpaper? Certainly, roman blinds are absolutely perfect for dressing up any windows that need to be spruced up, and their timeless simplicity make them an easy match to any existing wall décor.

However, roman blinds are certainly more than just a pretty façade – they have much to offer in terms of functionality as well! Roman blinds aid in blocking out light or filtering light into your home effectively. If you have always had issues with your old set of curtains in blocking out the intense sunlight, we say, give roman blinds a try! They are an ideal solution to regulate heat, privacy, and most importantly, light in any home or office window.

With both functional practicality and the attractiveness that it lends to homes, roman blinds are definitely a good alternative if you are seeking to switch away from the usual day curtains.

Roman blinds come in an astounding variety of materials, colours and patterns. They may be made of any fabric, ranging from cotton or linen, to luxury fabrics silk or suede – you name it, you have it! Colours and patterns are well diversified as well, with sufficient variety to meet your personal tastes. A set of clean, good looking curtains is definitely needed to build your cosy and safe home!

While roman blinds may seem intimidating to clean and maintain, the truth is that most of them are surprisingly easy to maintenance.

If your roman blinds have remained unwashed for too long a time and the sheer amount of dirt that has accumulated on them seems too daunting, or if your busy schedule permits you little spare time to give your set of blinds sufficient wash, why not simply save yourself the hassle and bring them to a laundry shop to get them dry cleaned? In Singapore, given the hectic lifestyles of our business executives, and dwindling time available to expend on cleaning matters, a significant number of laundry shops that specialise in dealing with curtains and blinds have emerged. Surely, it will not be difficult to find a suitable laundry shop!

By getting your roman blinds dry cleaned at a professional shop, this will not only help to prevent your gorgeous set of blinds from discolouring or being damaged, the precise and careful handling of the blinds during dry cleaning will also help to maintain the original texture and shape of your roman blinds.