Motorized Blinds and Motorized Curtains

- Mar 11, 2013.

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If you are looking for a sleek addition to your newest home, instead of turning to the generic manual curtains that are ever present in almost every other house, perhaps you might wish to consider opting for motorized blinds or curtains!

Motorized blinds and curtains are the newest upcoming curtaining trend in home decor, and you certainly would not want to miss out on this sophisticated invention!

These motorized curtains draw and close with the aid of an electrical motor system. Often, they come with a remote control that allows you to let the sun in, or block unnecessary light out with a mere flick of the remote which closes or draws open the curtains to your whims and fancy. Yes, very handy indeed! This technology is especially of use if you are duly concerned with efficiency, as the simple control of such curtains with just a finger’s button press can definitely help you to save much time and effort.

Motorized blinds and curtains are indeed worth a double take, especially if you find that your current set of manual curtains is wearing out too easy. Why is this so? Well, the constant tugging or pulling at manual curtains when you draw them will damage the curtain fabric gradually, causing them to lose their original lustre, and appear duller. As such, this is where the functionality of motorised blinds and curtains come into play. Given the motorized system of such curtains, the curtains draw in a controlled and even gliding motion, which allows your curtain to retain their impressive shine for a more extended period of time.


Classy, yet functional – it’s certainly little wonder that more homes are switching away from conventional manual blinds, and adorning their windows with motorized curtains and blinds instead!

Motorized blinds allow you to manage your home with effortless ease. With just a simple press of the button, these battery-operated blinds will roll up in an automated manner, without any need for you to physically pull up the blinds and secure them. Fuss free and easy, motorized blinds are absolutely ideal if you seek a home that is both tasteful yet undemanding in maintenance.

However, given the slightly more complex nature of such motorized blinds in relation to the conventional manual blinds, you should also expect that they require more attention to care for as well. If you find that your motorized blinds are no longer responding to commands meted out by the remote control in your hands, do not fret! Your motorised blinds are not damaged – in fact; they have most likely ran out of electrical juice. Since most motorized blinds run on battery, it is important to keep a set of spare batteries ready on hand to replace any worn out energy sources in the motorized blinds or in the remote control that manages the blinds.


Furthermore, you should also be sensitive to any worn out or damaged motors. If the replacement of batteries in both your blinds and your remote control does not successfully get the blinds to respond, perhaps you may have to look into hiring a technician. In such cases, it is then necessary for you to replace the spoil motor, in order to keep your set of motorized blinds fully functional.

Cleaning of motorized blinds is relatively fuss-free – wipe and cleanse them as you would to any typical set of blinds, in accordance to any cleaning instructions given by your manufacturer.

While motorized blinds may indeed require more detail in maintenance, its smooth and efficient nature will prove the additional effort well worth it in the long run, and you will certainly not regret your buy!

Full glass panes and windows are the latest rage these days, and they are often complemented with large, sweeping curtains to lend them an extra stylish edge. While such large curtains are gorgeous in appearance, the reality is that they are painfully troublesome to draw and close manually. As such, motorized curtains have become widely popular among households and office spaces alike, as they provide a hassle free way of managing the light that streams into a room.


Is the evening sun glaring uncomfortably into your face? You’d love to get up to draw your curtains close and block out the glare, but perhaps you’re too exhausted after a tiring day at work that you can’t find it within yourself to get up from your seat and draw the curtains? With the use of motorized curtains, this will be a concern no more! You will no longer need to expend the effort to pull and tug at the thick expanse of curtain fabric. Instead, you only need a simple flick of a switch on the remote control to draw your motorized curtains to a close! Yes, it’s that easy!

Maintenance of motorized curtains can be carried out just like you would to a standard set of curtains – vacuum dust and steam clean regularly, and send the day curtains for a good dry clean every year or so to keep them in tip top condition!

That being said, motorized curtains do require an additional step of care, in which the motors have to be regularly checked and replaced if damaged. Batteries used to power such motorized curtains may run out of fuel, and you will then need to replace them. Fret not, while there is a need for extra attention when it comes to motorized curtains, such maintenance is typically easy to carry out and can be resolved with a quick call to your family electrical technician!