About us

Curtains & blinds are a vital part of interior decoration. They can make or break a room, which is why you will want to make a careful selection. However, in this time and age, time may be of issue. Too busy to go around looking for THAT perfect set that would go oh-so-beautifully with your new furnishing? My Curtains and Blinds is here to help!

A one-stop solution to easy and efficient curtains and blinds selection, this is where you can get quotes from 6 curtains and blinds companies with just a click, from wherever you are, your office, home, and even your phone!

It’s simple – 3 steps is all it takes. Enter your preferences and requirements, and request for quotations. You will then receive quotations from 6 reputable companies. Compare, select & decide on your perfect fit, and you’re all set and ready to make your purchase!