Tips To Choose Curtain Rods

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When decorating your windows, curtains and blinds are some of the choices available for home owners. Curtains and blinds have their individual effect on the mood and feel of a room. Roller blinds for example comes in one piece and easy to install while curtains will need rods to hang your curtains. Curtain rods if chosen correctly will enhance the look of your curtains, windows and painting of the wall. They also can be a decorative item for your windows while roller blinds depends only the design imprinted on it.

Go to any curtains shops in Singapore and you can find many types of rods available for your selection. The material of the curtain rods is important when selecting the best rods for your curtains. The curtain rods will also determine the look and feel in a room.


Firstly, you will need to consider the material of the rods. Metal rods are suitable to give a modern and stylish feel to the room. Brushed nickel or stainless steel complements well with any interior design of a room while wood and wrought rods give the classic and traditional feel. A combination of wooden rod with metal brackets fits perfectly for an elegant look.

Next is to check if the curtain rods are sturdy enough to hold your curtains. A good sturdy rod will not sag after a few days and spoilt your decoration in the room. Look at installing curtain rods with three brackets or double rods to hold your curtains well.

After deciding on the type of curtain rods, consider the design of the rods that can complement your curtains. Design of the rods includes the colour of the rods, shape and style of the brackets. Importantly the curtain rods should match with most of the furniture in the room and the curtains. Curtains rods do add on to the decorative element in the room, moving away from the conventional hidden rods. Do also seek advice from the professionals in the curtains shops in Singapore and they can advise on the curtain rods that you should get based on your budget, design requirements and installation of the curtain rods. Therefore do not overlook the importance of selecting the correct curtain rods for your windows as they make a good decor in the room.