Vertical Blinds vs Roman Blinds

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Many home owner face similar problems when entering curtains shops in Singapore; they face the problem of deciding between vertical blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, curtains, venetians blinds. Choosing the right blinds is important as it can help protect your laminate flooring from direct sunlight, increasing the lifespan of your new laminate flooring. Below is a guide to minimize your decision.


Example first of all, you have to know the different functions between a vertical blinds and a roman blinds. Are the blinds for aesthetic purposes or are they used just to control light? These are the various questions you can think about before heading to any curtains shops in Singapore.

If you want your room to be dark, choosing a roman blind with a blackout lining over a vertical blinds will help. However, if you want total darkness, a blackout vertical blinds would be a better choice than a roman blinds.


Another point to think about is how much light you would want in your room when the blinds are open. Roman blinds cover the top area more whereas vertical blinds have best window coverings.

Furthermore, the place you plan to install your blinds is the key factor to choosing the fabric for your blinds. If the blind is for your kitchen, it is only smart to choose a fabric that is waterproof. In this instance, a roman blinds will not be recommended.

Lastly, blinds can be used for aesthetic purposes. To create a royal atmosphere, a roman blinds can help achieve that effect better than a vertical blind due to its softer fabrics. A vertical blind is suitable for minimalist. Its functionality has resulted in people using vertical blinds in kitchens and bathrooms more often than in living rooms and bedrooms. Also, vertical blinds are commonly used in offices. On the other hand, roman blinds are often used in hotels and restaurants to create a lusher atmosphere.