Is Roman Blinds Good For Home

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If you are thinking of sprucing up your windows, consider roman blinds as an option to curtains. Why roman blinds? Roman blinds are elegant and timeless pieces which can enhance your home beautifully. The roman blinds provide advantages as well as disadvantages that you have to consider when choosing them for your home.

One of the advantages is that the roman blinds are able to suit any home decor depending on the type of look and feel that you are aiming for. It is available in different styles where flat designs project a modern, classic look while tear drop and loop styles exudes an old traditional charm. The roman blinds are made up of fabrics thus giving you an endless choice of colours, fabric type and thickness which is limited only by your imagination. It can be custom based on individual preference and liking which are readily available in a curtain shop.

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Another advantage is that your windows will look softer compare to venetian blinds or vertical blinds as the fabric provides a soft and elegant look instead of hard and cold blinds. As different styles are available at the curtain shop, heavier fabric and dark colour suit are suited for those going for the masculine look and lighter fabric and colour will suit the feminine ones. However the different styles and fabric chosen will determine the shelf life of the shades on your windows.

The first disadvantage of the roman blinds is that it does not provides the flexibility of controlling the light coming into the home and home owner’s preference of view and privacy is disregard. This is as such because the roman blinds can only be pulled or down unlike curtains and blinds which have vents that could control the light coming in, privacy and view. When the shades are pulled up, the fabric are stacked up which may take up space and most of the top portion of the window. This is especially so for a tall window.

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Another disadvantage of the roman blinds is that it can be a hazard to small children and pets. To pull the shades, it is designed with strings and rings at the back to make it work. Thus these strings pose a danger which can caused strangulation if small children and pets are left unattended. Most manufacturers of roman blinds follow the traditional design even though there is a concern for safety and only a handful of manufacturers try to comply with safety guidelines. This is the most important factor to consider when getting shades. Do consider the advantages and disadvantages before getting the roman blinds so that you make the best decision to suit your home and lifestyle.