Vertical Blinds Cost

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Have you been searching for a set of blinds that are easy to maintain, yet supremely stylish in design? Well, look no further! There are venetian blinds and vertical blinds are your perfect curtains and blinds solution if you are trying to build a minimalist home. They lend an effortlessly chic touch to your wall decor, while at the same time, providing you with the right functionality that you desire in a set of blinds.

As their name would imply, vertical blinds consist of vertical slats that can be twisted open or close, to filter just the right amount of desired sunlight into a room. If you wish to have complete brightness, you can simply pull the slats to the sides and allow the natural light to stream in entirely. Indeed, vertical blinds have much to offer in terms of light filtering effects that your typical heavy curtains fabrics may not be able to provide!

In fact, some vertical blinds even come with a motorized blinds that allows you to swivel the slats with just the simple press of a button!

Vertical blinds are ideal for homes with full-length glass windows. They also complement bay windows or sliding doors well – very versatile indeed! Not to mention, the vertical nature of the blinds lend a subtle illusion of higher ceilings, giving your home that additional touch of finesse and class.


Vertical blinds come in varying colours and materials – linen, bamboo, or even leather! Basic neutrals or blacks are perfect for minimalist homes, as they complement any home design, house painting, carpentry, or carpets well, in order to provide you with the sophisticated home of your dreams.

Are you a hygiene nut? Or perhaps you’re lazy when it comes to domestic duties? Do you need a set of blinds that do not get filthy easily, and are easy to maintain? Then surely vertical blinds are the perfect blinds for you! Vertical blinds tend to collect less dust than horizontal blinds, and tend to last longer as a result. They can be easily maintained with a good clean every once or twice in each year, ensuring that your home remains breezily polished and spotless.

Cleaning of such vertical blinds is so easy that almost anyone can do it; even students, housewives, or domestic helpers. The slats can be removed easily and rinsed briefly with water. Then, just hang them to dry, and you will have vertical blinds that are as good as new!