Day Curtains and Night Curtains

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If you are a new homeowner, surely the search for the most suitable set of curtains to adorn your new bedroom windows can be a perplexing task, given the sheer array of different curtains available in the market.

Fear not! Here’s how you ought to begin your search for your swishy new curtains – start off by considering the basic set of day curtains and night curtains that you desire for your home. Every house differs in its wall décor and carpentry. As such, different sets of day and night curtains are necessary to complement the unique feature wall design of your home, and choosing the right set of day and night curtains is certainly your first step to building a warm and cosy home for yourself!

You might ask, what exactly are day curtains and night curtains? Day and night curtains are regular curtains that complement each other. They can be hung up together at the same time to give your home a fabulously comfortable and stylish living experience – certainly a necessary addition to the welcoming home of your dreams!


Day Curtains

Day curtains are typically made of light and delicate fabric, and are usually translucent in nature. You can select your choice of day curtains from a variety of materials, ranging from lace, to chiffon or organza. Given that day curtains are relatively see-through, they provide a romantic and soft aesthetic to your house, while simultaneously allowing just the right amount of sunlight into the room to provide you with adequate light for day to day activities such as reading or watching the television. At the same time, day curtains provide a remarkable light filtering effect, to reduce the glare of sunlight, and prevent excessive heat from the sun from entering the house.

Since day curtains are made of see-through fabric materials, it certainly does raise some concern about privacy in your home. However, there is no need to worry! Day curtains made of quality are usually designed in such a way that they allow occupants of a home to see the view outside, yet your neighbours from the opposite block who are looking into your home will merely see shapes and silhouettes through the day curtains.


Given that day curtains are usually light coloured and sheer, it is easy for dust to gather visibly on them. However, since day curtains are just like any regular curtains in design, they are easy to remove and wash. As such, there is little hassle involved for the maintenance and cleaning of day curtains – certainly ideal for home owners who are easily perturbed by the slightest smidge of dirt in their house! In fact, it is so easy to clean and maintain your day curtains that almost anyone can do it, no matter if you are a 16-year-old student, or a 60-year-old housewife! Yes, it is that remarkably easy.

All you need to do is to remove your day curtains from their hangings, and give them a good launder in the washing machine, and you will have curtains that are as spotless and clean as the day you purchased them! However, this method of cleaning using a washing machine is subject to the material that your curtains are made of. Certain materials may be unsuitable for cleansing using a washing machine, and in such cases, you simply have to hand wash them as you would to your daily clothing! It would surely be quite a tragedy indeed if you’ve popped your new set of day curtains into the washing machine, only to realise that the rough tumble has torn a few holes in them. Be sure to check with your curtain supplier about the proper care method for your day curtains when you purchase them, in order to prevent any mistakes when washing that could potentially harm your delicate day curtains.


Night Curtains

Are you a light sleeper who is easily kept awake by stray noises from the surroundings? Or perhaps, your new home is unfortunately located right beside an MRT train track? Well, not to worry! A good set of quality night curtains is likely to be equipped with noise reducing effects and will be able to stamp out any waif of noise from the environment.

Night curtains are usually made of thicker and heavier fabric. They come in an extensive diversity of dark colours, and the right night curtain for your home will be able to complement your carpet flooring or laminate wood perfectly to give your house an additional oomph of style! Night curtains are also designed to have a greater black out effect to block any remnant of light from the outside, so as to provide you with a soothing sleeping experience in the night.

Given that they stamp out light and block off views, night curtains are necessary to deliver due privacy to your house that day curtains might not be able to sufficiently provide. As such, night curtains are duly necessary to any home that seeks its privacy and should not be done without.


However, since night curtains are so thick and weighty, maintenance of night curtains might seem daunting to many, as the thought of washing such a large expanse of thick fabric is certainly worthy of an induced sigh. That being said, there is no need to be intimidated – cleaning of night curtains is still an achievable feat for the common man like you and I!

For day to day maintenance, you can vacuum dust your night curtains to remove any large specks of dirt or filth, so as to keep your curtains presentable in appearance. This is a necessary step as dust that accumulates on your night curtains can give it an old and worn look – certainly not a pleasant impression you’d like to leave on any guests that visit your home.

If you’d like to give your night curtains a fresh wash for any special occasion to remove all traces of germs or dirt that has accumulated in areas where your vacuum cleaner could not reach, it would be ideal to send your curtains for an in-depth launder at laundry shops which specialise in curtain care. Give your set of night curtains a good, thorough dry clean once or twice each year, to restore them to a spotless and fresh condition. This will certainly do wonders in helping you to create a happier and healthier home!